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Oil & Gas

Efficient, Reliable & Cost-friendly Water Treatment Solutions For The Oil & Gas Industry

At CREST Water, we identify the need for high quality water for the ever rising demands of the oil & gas industry. With the rise of unconventional oil exploration including shale oil and shale gas, robust water treatment solutions are needed.

Our solutions deliver some of the most dependable oil and gas water treatment in the industry for both upstream and downstream production lines. We bring decades of expertise and experience to the table and help to meet your needs whether it is a complete solution or an isolated product.

Superior scale, bacterial and corrosion control.

Core Benefits of CREST Water’s Oil & Gas Water Treatment Solutions

  • Superb water recovery compliant with environmental regulations
  • Allow safe and continuous operation: no downtime
  • Onsite consultation and technical support for usage and recommendations
  • Modular solutions ideal for reducing installation and commissioning costs

From the removal of contaminants and minerals to the treatment of the process, discover how our products are applicable to both your upstream and downstream processes.

Downstream Applications

From heat exchangers to cooling towers and heating columns, water is what drives the operation of a refinery plant. Our solutions are geared to reliably deliver quality water for producing your products as well as reducing costs and environmental impact while efficiently and safely recycling your treated wastewater.

Industrial Boiler Water:
Our solutions help to remove any suspended solids, prevent scaling and help with demineralisation to not only meet the water standards needed, but also helping to preserve the run-length of your equipment.

Industrial Wastewater treatment:
Our solutions include a range of filters and reverse osmosis modules that treat your wastewater by soluble contaminant removal, organics removal and suspended solids removal.

Upstream Applications

In the production of oil and gas, water is the largest byproduct of this extraction process. This water, however, will require treatment for reuse and discharge. With the correct treatment, this water can be reinjected into the well to help with secondary and tertiary hydrocarbon recovery.

Produced Water:
Water brought to the surface from crude oil and gas wells are treatable with our range of solutions that range from solid filtration to reverse osmosis technology.

Injection Water
Maximising the extraction of reservoir oil is a key component in efficiency and business costs, and water is the essential component for this by means of secondary and tertiary recovery by injection back into the well. Our technology and solutions help to treat your processed and wastewater to reach the high quality standards for reinjection. From nano filtration to reverse osmosis solutions, we have you covered at CREST Water.

Discover Our Range of Oil & Gas Solutions Today
Whether you are seeking treated water for your upstream oil extraction process or your refinery process further downstream, We have you covered at CrestWater with our technology from nano filtration to reverse osmosis solutions.

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