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Membrane Desalination

With the increasing demand of clean water globally, membrane desalination has become one of the commonly used methods to provide pure water.  Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are used for the removal of salts and minerals from brackish, sea, bore-well and other surface waters.  In the process of reverse osmosis, water is pushed under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane and collected as permeate.  Minerals and salts are thus "concentrated up" in the reject stream and this gives rise to the potential of scale formation as their respective saturation limits are exceeded.

Along with scale formation during the membrane desalination process, other potential issues like organic fouling and microbiological growth causing biofilm formation on the membranes can lead to restricted flows and ultimately a lower recovery rate and sometimes permeate quality.   To maintain the reverse osmosis unit’s permeate flow under these conditions, more operating pressure is required and this often leads to higher running costs.

The CrestoPro R series of RO antiscalants aim to control potential scale formation in reverse osmosis systems and to help it operate at its design recovery rate.  Our solutions have been built upon the proven chemistries and some further improved to suit today’s ever-changing landscape as your plant seeks to produce more pure water. To complement our RO antiscalant range of products, CrestoPro R145 is a fast acting non oxidizing biocide for application in reverse osmosis systems and has a proven efficacy at low concentrations.  In addition, CrestoPro R800 and R820 are improved formulated cleaners to help restore your membrane desalinatoin systems to achieve its design recovery rate.

Along with monitoring tools and the technical know-how to interpret operating parameters before selecting and applying the appropriate RO antiscalant, biocide and cleaning solutions, our team of experts will work together with you to achieve your goals.