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Analytical Instruments

CrestoPro SP-700 is a handheld multi-meter that can measure 5 key water treatment parameters simultaneously.  The 5 parameters are: pH, conductivity, temperature, ORP as well as CrestoGuard DTec.  DTec can be incorporated in most of the key CrestoGuard additives as well as CrestoPro solutions to provide a monitoring tool in applications such as cooling systems as well as RO systems.  The DTec measurement uses our proprietary signal processing algorithms to compensate for sample color and turbidity conditions that would otherwise cause erratic readings.

CrestoPro SP-910 combines a fluorometer, colorimeter and turbidimeter all in a single handheld device.  This empowers your on-site team to be able to carry out water analysis of the key parameters from ortho-phosphate, silica, iron, copper etc to molybdeum, DEHA, CrestoGuard DTec and even pH.