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  • 2018

    Breakthrough solution for MVR units for zero liquid discharge at a mining smelt plant

    Low dosage application of CrestoPro T antiscalant and antifoam helped to reduce operation cost by USD$ 15,000/yr, savings from not having to replace the falling film evaporator (USD$67,000/unit) and achieve reduced energy consumption.  No more unplanned shut downs, but an improvement in production rate as well.


  • 2017

    CrestoPro R antiscalant improves recovery rate for 7000m3/h RO system in Asia

    Once again, CrestoPro R resolved the customer's issues, including previously having to face frequent cartridge filter changes while using their previous antiscalant from a European company.  This 7000m3/h system in a paper mill within Asia, with feedwater being a combination of seawater and tertiary treated wastewater, improved recovery and had much fewer cartridge fewer change when converting to CrestoPro R.

    CrestoPro T635 - new improved antifoam at more than half the dosage of its nearest competition

    "This new antifoam worked at less than half the dosage of my previous product, is easy to store due to its non-DG classification and most importantly, can be diluted to suit my existing dosing pump.  We no longer experienced the choking of the dosing line and deposits at the strainer when using the previous product" 

    CrestoPro T antiscalant - clean effect 1 observed during annual turnaround

    During their annual turnaround, the residual persistent scales in effect 1 were always present.  After switching over to CrestoPro T, and maintaining the same dosage and operating parameters, effect 1 was observed to be clean for the first time in years! 

    CrestoPro C series - The next generation non-oxidizing biocide to replace CMIT/MIT, Glut, and other commonly used in cooling towers

    At a much lower dosage range of 40-80ppm as compared to other conventional non-oxidizers, CrestoPro C non-oxidizing biocide has been very well received in South East Asia for its ability to control a wide range of microbes include Legionella and most importantly, at a comparable overall treat cost.

  • 2016

    CrestoGuard - Revolutionary additive used to control TSS, silica, iron and many other inorganic foulants

    After replacing on of the existing components in their formulations with CrestoGuard additives, this leading service company in Asia found improved tolerance to iron, copper and silica in the cooling tower treatment programs.  The end-user observed better heat transfer efficiency across their exchangers.

    CREST Water's RO antiscalant helps customers achieve greater heights

    CrestoPro R493C handles harsh water conditions from the river that has been contaminated with seawater.  Enabled the RO unit to achieve its design water production rate and greater reduced the cleaning frequency, saving the customer time and money.

    CREST Water's thermal antiscalant replaces competition in power plant

    With improved technical support from our team of experts, users from this power plant in Asia selected CREST Water's CrestoPro T497 to replace their existing supplier. They recognized the value of the technical know-how that was shared with them, along with significant savings from CREST's overall solutions.